Monday, January 16, 2012

How to enhance your executive presence - Shine out !!

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Executive presence is easy to spot, yet tough to define. Clearly, leaders seem to have this quality in abundance. Having a better executive presence is closely linked to rapid promotions and attracts positive attention and inspires others around you. While it may seem hard to acquire, focusing on the following will help enhance your executive presence:

Appearance: At work, your physical presence conveys both professionalism and confidence. Besides clothes, neat work habits add to your visual appeal.

Body language: Direct eye contact, firm handshake and swift body movements enhance visual impact. Posture helps too, as walking and sitting upright conveys authority with a dash of dignity.

Maintaining Calm: Leaders know that remaining calm in the eye of a storm highlights their ability to manage interruptions and work-related stresses with ease.

Communication: As words add weight, good communication skills are extremely important. Leaders are able to present to diverse audience, connect with their listeners at a personal level and command respect.

Listening skills: Leaders know that displaying good listening skills shows genuine interest and humility and helps make an emotional connect. Also, it shows their ability to hear conflicting views and listen to feedback.

Voice: Conveying your message with conviction and clarity is found in abundance in both business and political leaders. Varying the tone, volume and pace to captivate their audience, effective use of pauses and emphasising important words, all help maintain audience interest

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