Friday, April 6, 2012

The New World !!

This is the age where:

You don’t often visit people’s house for a long chat; you at best make telephone calls.

You don’t get down to face-to-face conversations; you simply send e-mails

Ha, and people say on mails what they dare not tell you on your face. Is that the new world of hostility?

You are down in the dumps; you don’t meet a friend, you instead splurge at a mall or a Cineplex.

You don’t get down even to telephonic conversations; you simply text

And the guy who texts wants an instant reply. Text, counter text and counter text….. Its endless.. And meaningless

You tell one thing and you mean something completely different

You hence have to read between the lines.

What you say is not what you do; what you do is not what you say. But you end up justifying everything.

Words like Please and Thank you are no longer part of the lexicon

Judgements are instantaneous. We go to town saying Obama didn't call Singh until our PM clarifies that they couldn't fix a call

Hope I am wrong on each of these counts

Welcome to the world of oneupmanship

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